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Cloud Computing

Mobilex Solutions is a proven Cloud Computing company. Almost five million concurrent users have been enjoying the state of the art robust, agile and simplified system since 2012.

Our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach is a critical component to 
building our systems. We are experts at interfaces and building systems up from small, independent components. We understand that having small, self-contained, single-purpose modules leads to systems that are robust, scalable, and extensible.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – if you build the right parts. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) means identifying those parts, and building them so they can be re-used. A web application, a mobile client, and a b2b system can call the same service. If the service changes, all the callers immediately get the benefit of the update. Building services encourages the use of well-documented interfaces, which in turn supports testability. Stateless services scale easily by simply deploying more instances to run the service. Highly complex workflows can be built up through composing services, and changing the service composition can easily support many similar workflows.

Cloud Computing Security

As more and more corporations and government entities look to cloud computing to reduce costs and improve agility, the issue of managing security challenges becomes a crucial factor. Mobilex’s cybersecurity engineering experts offer solutions for meeting secure cloud computing standards and best practice objectives that focus on critical areas such as cloud architecture, compliance and audit, information management and data security, traditional security, business continuity and disaster recovery, application security, encryption and key management, identity and access management, virtualization, and SECaaS (security as a service).

Mobilex follows a proven methodology to discover your requirements and design a suitable cloud architecture to meet those requirements. The design process is iterative and flexible. We can work collaboratively with your existing IT team or provide a turnkey design—whichever fits your IT model best.

•    Business requirements
•    Technical requirements
•    Security requirements
•    DR requirements
•    Current state
•    Target state

Our software is designed to fit in with how you work, not how we work. Our job is to take complex customization and integrations and make them simple to use.



The most important part of industrial-strength software is that it works and keeps working. With our team’s experience, we have been designing enterprise level solutions for all types of clients. Our team stay on the forefront of technology and we make sure that when we build something, we build it to last.

Security is at the forefront of many of our clients’ needs. Mobilex are specialists at analyzing and solving software security issues. We can provide you with an up to date security audit so you can make sure that your data is safe and sound.


•   Baseline cloud assessment
•   Security assessment on audits, controls & access
•   Business continuity planning for disaster recovery
•   Detailed cost analysis and management strategy
•   Migration strategy and roadmap for delivery
•   Virtualization of your web-based services

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